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It looks as though I have gotten my own room now.

This could mean a great number of things. I never really spoke with the Hatori Miki that I was staying with, so perhaps I didn't come off as social enough. Or perhaps my ears got in the way and she had complaints (which is understandable, since... well... Ghim had his own complaints too, and those were allowed), so they decided my ears were so large that they needed a room all to themselves.

And the last possibility would be that Parn is going to come join me soon. If he was going to join me, though, wouldn't he have done this already? I guess that means Lodoss is going under some changes or perhaps they're in the middle of another war. I should be there, though. I want to be at Parn's side. I want to support him. I want to protect him. I want to go back home just to make sure he's all right. Besides... Slayn and Leylia would want to see me, right? (On second thought, they'd probably tease Parn about that.)

I guess I'll give it a couple of days more and see how that goes.

Oh, and Bakura? I had a lot of fun on that skating thing. I guess I might need to practice a little more, but at least I won't be randomly hitting people now. It'd be cool if we could go do something else fun too. ♥

Nov. 27th, 2008

I really thought I was all right.
I did think this. And even if I wasn't, I thought that you know, maybe Parn would show up and make all of the bad things seem really trivial.

Instead, I was requested to go into the infirmary (I think that's what they called it), and... and...

I feel so violated.

Lodoss Entry #3

I think I am beginning to enjoy my time on this ship now. Not that I wasn't before. I'm just starting to understand things a little better.

This ship is large. Massive. Far bigger than any ship I've ever seen on the sea. I keep trying to imagine what it would be like if these vessels were used in times of war. I can imagine that it would cause quite a stir. The problem is that every time a war breaks out, we end up destroying the environment and the spirits of the world. Spirits are live, like everyone who wanders around on this ship. They are as much as people as we are. They have as much a right to live as we do. It is inappropriate to destroy them, even when they are hostile entities.

To treat all objects with respect, living or non. It is the way of my people. It is the way of the high elves. I wouldn't say I listen to them all of the time, but the more time I spend away from them, the more I seem to miss them. Of course, I don't miss them nearly as much as I miss darling Parn. I miss him very, very, very much. I wish I could see him. I want to know what he is up to. I want to know where he is. I want to know what he's doing. I want to know if he's thinking of me.

Oh, my sweet beloved Parn, I adore you. I miss you. I can only wish that you too, are feeling the same way for me. Contact me, come see me, come stay with me. Anything, darling Parn, just so that I know that you haven't forgotten about me. (Though I can't see you forgetting me. There's no other elf in the world who looks like me.)

I've had the privilege of speaking with the one who called me a 'roommate'. Hatori Miki. This is not a dragon, this is not a puppy like darling Parn's. Instead, it seems to be a person, much like myself and everyone else here. It is beginning to make sense. Everyone gets to stay with someone else, so they don't wind up alone. That's sweet. I still haven't quite understood what I am doing on this ship. I suppose I am wondering what this ship's definition of 'paradise' is. What is paradise to me? It is a place where I can be happy with beloved Parn, of course! One where he and I can wed without my family treating him unkindly for he is a human. I would happily give up my near immortality for my beloved, as any woman would were she the same way.

What is paradise to you? That's a question for everyone on this ship, so that I may get to know you better. So let me ask it again, so you don't miss it. What is 'paradise' to you?

I feel like taking another walk on the Olympus Deck, but it is a little lonely without Parn. Is there anyone else who would like to go with me? I am still new and therefore would not be against having someone help me out. Besides, I'm nice. I'll let you poke my ears. They're real. Believe me.

Lodoss Entry #2

My first night on the Elysium Cruiser was not so bad at all. I do not know if this Hatori Miki came in while I was sleeping or not. Whoever this person is, I do not, for the life of me know, and I suppose that is all right for the time being.

I chose to walk around today. To explore the various decks. Is it me or do the decks all seem to gradually look worse as you descend the various stories? The construction is a bit worn and torn, and I suspect either what they call the heater or the air conditioning or even both doesn't work as it's either dreadfully hot or horrifyingly cold when I visited earlier today. It seems that the deck closest to Olympus (I think it is) is the best one. It's rather pretty and elegant, and the more I look at it, the more I feel like I should most likely be there instead of where I am at. Not that I really have any complaints. After all, it could be much worse. I do not really have anything that is too terribly broken. There are some scratches on the walls and some rather questionable stains on the floor, however... It is not as though I am not accustomed to things of such a nature.

I still can't use my magic, and I can't understand why. There must be a spell on this ship. If that's the case, though, that implies that the other things of this ship aren't magical either. So then, what are they? What is the opposite of magic? Anti-magic? But... what exactly is that? What does it condense itself into? A form of matter, perhaps? No matter how much I sit and think about this, I really just don't understand it at all. I wonder, truly, what is to become of this place. Perhaps it is the constructive items in the ship that are the barrier for my abilities. Or perhaps it is because I am not in a natural environment. I am contained in something made by men or elves or demons.

On this ship, perhaps? I wonder if they could be considered anti-magic. But demons use magic. Darling Parn and I saw many demons like that in Lodoss.

And Parn...
I do miss him so much. I have not seen him for nearly two days now. I wonder what could possibly be keeping him from me? I hope he isn't angry that I decided to come along here. And he should be coming along as well, right? It would make things so much easier and so much more interesting. I am growing a little weary without him. And the people on either side of me are vaguely noisy, but I find myself enjoying listening to the conversations. They may not know it, but I press my ears up against the walls and can hear almost everything going on.

The legend in Lodoss states that elves have larger ears in order to hear the premonitions of the gods. It's only natural that I should be able to pick up on the softest of conversations. That isn't a special ability; it's more like a blessing, and a gift I should use to my advantage, I'll wager.

Speaking of my ears, I'm still receiving odd looks. I wonder if I should start wearing a mantle of some sort and cloaking myself. It would not matter how I wore my hair, for they are simply too big for me to hide. I do wish people would stop staring. They're really only ears. They're no different from theirs.

Well, that's not true.
I can wiggle mine. ♥

Lodoss Entry #1

Ho hum...
This doesn't look like Lodoss at all...
And this doesn't look like the Tree of Truth either.

I heard it's called a ship, but ships sail on the sea. I know this because Parn and I sailed on one together many times. We had to cross many oceans to get to where we needed before. But this... 'ship' doesn't appear to sail on the salty or the fresh ocean. In fact, I'm not sure what it sails through at all. I do know that they look like stars, however, and I could feel a lot of life coming from outside.

I thought I would get a closer look and so I headed into an area that was referred to as the 'cargo bay' upon my arrival. When I tried to go out, though, one of the members of the crew stopped me. He said something about me exploding or something like that. And then he pointed at my ears and simply stared, as though he'd never seen them before. I wonder if everyone will do that. (They're really only ears.) I thought only fire caused things to explode, though? Like fires and cannonballs and other things of that nature. It's been quite a while since I've had the privilege of using fire to my advantage. I tried to here to warm up my bath water in my room, but... The strangest thing... It didn't work.

Coming here seems like a dream. It's all very surreal. I was just sitting beneath a tree in my home staring off into the deep blue sky and dreaming about Parn's eyes. He really is so handsome, you know. And when he gets flustered, his lips upturn in this adorable little way and he looks so charming. At any rate, I was waiting for him. We were supposed to go for a walk together. I always find walks so romantic, after all, especially with Parn. He gets quiet and thoughtful and tells me about his dreams in the future. And then he usually asks me to play for him. I like playing for my darling Parn. Most of the time I only played for formal ceremonies and other things of the like, but... when it comes to him, I just really, really enjoy it. Maybe it's that look he gives me, the one that makes me want to melt.

So I was sitting and dreaming as I so often do. Our journey had come to an end, of course, and quite some time ago. I suppose it was nice to visit my family once more, even if they do see me as a bit of... a 'black sheep' I think is what Parn said once. I suppose it is because I rebel against their way of life and I like to do things my own way. As I was thinking about this, a small piece of canvas fell from the sky and as I caught it, it read in the finest calligraphy I've ever seen an invitation.

"Elysium Cruiser". It sounds... almost like a flower. Well, 'elysium' does. I suppose 'cruiser' would be more like a ship, which furthers the thought that everyone seems to think this is a ship as well. A ship that sails through stars of life and will cause me to 'explode'. I wonder then, if stars are made out of fire...? Fire has life, I suppose, but it has a greater potential for taking life than giving it. In the end, I suppose it's really who's wielding it that makes the difference.

I have to admit, this odd little contraption that was given to me on my entrance is a little nifty as well. It must be a type of magic. A square-like object that shows me exactly what I am doing. I fear it's taking me forever to express myself, however, and I wonder if it will always be this way. It seems nice, though. At least a little. I believe they called it a 'bulletin board' of some kind. I always assumed a 'board' would be like a board of wood, though. Like what the craftsmen used in Lodoss to make swords and shields for the children. Of course, if a child got a splinter off of one, it would hurt just a tiny bit -- or a lot. But then, using the life of the environment to heal the wound isn't such a bad idea either. Again, though, if I could not conjur fire with my hands, I suppose it would make sense that I could not heal anyone or anything else either... This does make me a little sad. Perhaps Parn will be able to explain it all to me later on.

So I have been acquainting myself with what another member of the 'staff' called the 'deck'. When I told him who I was, he very gingerly took me by the elbow and led me to this room I'm sitting in now. "You'll be staying here," he said. "On the Acheron Deck." I do wonder what an 'acheron' is. It sounds like some type of odd fruit. And speaking of fruit, I am a little hungry. I suppose I will need to take a look around and see if there are any trees growing around here. I did not think I saw any, but perhaps I am wrong and simply missed them in being filled with awe with regards to the fire stars in the purple and blue and black sky we seem to be sailing through. I wonder then, if we can call this 'cruiser' a 'fire star ship'. Does that make sense, though? This world seems so magical, but then it seems not like any magic I have encountered before.

Many of the things here do not have life, but when I was told that a Hatori Miki would be staying with me, I wondered if it would be an animal of some sort. Perhaps this Hatori Miki is to be my pet. Perhaps it is in likeness with the puppy that darling Parn had in Lodoss. Or perhaps it is a wyvern. Or a dragon. I would like a dragon. Whatever it is, it sounds as though it has a great deal of life associated with it. Perhaps it will be magical as well. I really do like things of magic.

And again, everything here seems so very magical. Perhaps Parn will tell me all about it when he finally comes to see me... ♥

(Oh, look...! I can even draw little hearts on this thing! How cute!)

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